Les Mielles Ladies Golf Club 


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Eclectic Guidelines

Summer Eclectic Guidelines


Improved eclectic scores are automatically calculated by the computer after STROKEPLAY competitions EXCEPT if you play on your non-designated day or hand in a N/R score. Then you can use one of the SIX wild cards available in the summer eclectic.


Even though you might play all of the EWGA medals, only your designated-day scores will automatically be counted. There are 8 Tuesday EWGAs and 8 Saturday EWGAs and therefore there would be an advantage if a lady plays all 16 and has her scores counted for the eclectic. EWGAs are not alternate day comps and that's why ladies may enter them all.


Should you request a change of designated day for some reason (one week's notice is required) and you play in a Strokeplay Competition then your bettered eclectic scores will count for that competition automatically.


The Handicap Secretary indicates the number of wild cards you have used by your score on the eclectic score sheet.


There are two divisions. Silver (handicaps 0-20) and Bronze (handicaps 21-36)


Winter Eclectic Guidelines


Ladies must submit an 18 hole card with all holes completed as their first wild card. This can be played at any time. The card should have "For Winter Eclectic" or "Wild Card 1" in the heading and be signed as usual.


If you use a competition as your first wild card, it is preferable to write out a separate card and hand that in as your first wild card so the Handicap Secretary has a record of both the competition and the wild card.


This card is the first of 8 wild cards only. No competition scores count automatically for the winter eclectic as it is run entirely from the wild cards.


There is only one division in winter.