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100 CLUB

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Les Mielles Ladies Golf Club 100 Club Rules

  1. The name of the draw is ‘Les Mielles Ladies Golf Club 100 Club’ regardless of the number of members. Hereafter referred to as the ‘100 Club’.
  2. The objective of the 100 Club is to raise funds for the general purposes of Les Mielles Ladies Golf Club (LMLGC).
  3. The 100 Club will be administered by the 100 Club Administrator’ appointed by the LMLGC Committee. Applications to join the 100 Club shall be made to the 100 Club Administrator and can be applied for by post or electronically using the form below. If registration is made electronically it is deemed that participants using this method agree to the 100 Club rules, and agree to their details being kept on computer.
  4. The 100 Club is open to anybody aged 18 years or over.  Numbers (shares) shall be sequentially numbered from one (1) onwards. Participants are entitled to hold any number of shares.
  5. By making a payment to join the 100 Club whether by cheque or by payment made directly into LMLGC 100 club bank account deems that participants agree to the 100 Club rules.
  6. The 100 Club will run in periods of one year, commencing in April 2011. This is providing a minimum of 21 shares (numbers) have been allocated by the date of the first draw in any given year. If the 100 Club does not run then any amounts received in respect of that year’s 100 Club will be refunded.
  7. The draw will be made on the 1st Tuesday of each month commencing in June 2011. The draw must be held in the presence of at least one LMLGC committee member plus two other club members.
  8. The subscription for each share is £12 payable annually in advance by cheque (made payable to LMLGC 100 Club), by bank payment or bank Standing Order. Members are permitted to join at any time throughout the year, paying £1 each calendar month for the remainder of the year.
  9. The total income collected will be split 50% prize money and 50% to LMLGC funds after any modest running costs have been removed. Running costs should not exceed 5% of the annual total 100 Club income. From that 50% prize monthly income, there will be two monthly prizes: First Prize 60%, Second Prize 40%.
  10. A list of prize-winning numbers for each draw will be published on the LMLGC website (www.lesmiellesladies.com) and also on the LMLGC notice board.  Any cheque not cashed within 6 months will be deemed a donation to LMLGC.
  11. Members’ details will be held on computer for 100 Club purposes only.
  12. The 100 Club accounts will be available for inspection on request to the Treasurer of LMLGC.

LMLGC 100 Club Results

YEAR 2016-2017 (June 16 to May 17)

DRAW NO.2 - 9th July 2016

1st Prize No. 24 - Lesley Hill

2nd Prize No. 98 - Fabio Nascimento

DRAW No.1 -  June 2016

1st Prize No.78  - Nicky Sutton

2nd Prize No.77  - Hilary Gleave

YEAR 2015 - 2016 (June 15 to May 16)

DRAW No.12 - 3rd May 2016

1st Prize No.1  - Lyn Rafferty

2nd Prize No.99  - Matt Nicolle

DRAW No.11- 5th April 2016

1st Prize No.78   - Frances Shaw

2nd Prize No.23   -  Bernard Arthur

DRAW No.10 - 1st March 2016

1st Prize No.86   - Donna Anfray

2nd Prize No.37  -  Betty Le Luan

DRAW No. 9 - 1st February 2016

1st Prize No. 91  - Lynn Hopfinger

2nd Prize No. 51  -  Gudrun Bjarnadottir

DRAW No. 8 - 5th January 2016

1st Prize No. 96   - Chris Reddington

2nd Prize No. 21  -  David O'Brien

DRAW No. 7 - 1st December 2015

1st Prize No. 63  - Anne Frith

2nd Prize No.27  -  Rita Fagan

DRAW No. 6 - 3rd November 2015

1st Prize No. 30   - Jimmy Rice

2nd Prize No. 51 -  Gudrun Bjarnadottir

DRAW No. 5 - 6th October 2015

1st Prize No. 85  - Gloria Pallot-Brown

2nd Prize No. 40 - David Grant

 DRAW No. 4 - 3rd September 2015

1st Prize No. 55 - June Hoyle

2nd Prize No. 30 - James Rice

DRAW No. 3 - 4th August 2015

1st Prize No. 76 - Irene Journeaux

2nd Prize No. 96 - Chris Reddington

DRAW No. 2 - 7th July 2015

1st Prize No. 77 - Hilary Gleave

2nd Prize No. 105 - Nicola Coles

DRAW No. 1 - 2nd June 2015

Ist Prize No. 24 - Debbie Rayner

2nd Prize No. 86 - Donna Anfray